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Almas Caviar: A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury Sturgeon Roe

Embark on a journey into the exclusive world of Almas Sturgeon Roe, a culinary treasure renowned for its extraordinary taste and unmatched rarity. Uncover the distinct features that set this sturgeon roe apart, offering a delectable luxurious experience.

Is Alma Caviar Beluga?

Almas Sturgeon Roe stands as the pinnacle of caviar excellence, produced only by an extremely rare Albino Beluga Sturgeon. In Persian, "Almas" translates to Diamonds, a fitting descriptor for the unpolished appearance resembling diamonds. This caviar represents the world's highest value, making it a sought-after choice for discerning connoisseurs.

How is Alma Caviar Made?

Almas Sturgeon Roe showcases small-grain eggs, with a size ranging from 1.5mm to 2mm. The roe is passed through a sieve to loosen the eggs and separate them from the membrane then cured in salt.

The transformation of roes into caviar begins with the addition of a precise amount of salt, enhancing both taste and preservation. The freshly prepared product undergoes a meticulous tasting and grading process to ensure the highest quality standards.

What Does Alma Caviar Taste Like?

Recognized as the most exquisite and rarest of all caviars, Almas Sturgeon Roe presents pearl-white-colored eggs with a distinct nutty taste of butter and brine. The unique creamy finish enhances its appeal, delivering a culinary experience that captivates the palate.

Where Does Alma Caviar Come From?

Almas Sturgeon Roe is exclusively sourced from the Iranian Albino Huso Huso sturgeon, thriving in the purest parts of the Caspian Sea. This exclusive source contributes to the distinctive flavor profile that defines Almas. In Perth city, Australia, enthusiasts can exclusively acquire this caviar from Chaviar, your mobile caviar bar that brings the rare and luxurious Almas to your door steps.

What Does Alma Sturgeon Look Like and Why Does It Have White Roe?

The Albino Beluga Sturgeon, the source of Almas Sturgeon Roe, boasts bright, near-translucent white skin with vibrant pink eyes.

The roe itself exhibits pearl-white-colored eggs, sometimes light grey or yellow, creating a visual spectacle that adds to its allure. The rarity of the albino variants contributes to the exclusivity of Almas Sturgeon Roe.

What Makes Alma Caviar Different from Others?

Derived from the rare albino Beluga sturgeon, Almas, meaning 'diamond' in Persian, stands as the epitome of luxury. Often referred to as "strottarga bianco caviar," its unparalleled taste and rarity make it one of the most expensive caviars globally, with prices reaching a staggering $25,000 per kilogram. This exclusivity, combined with its exceptional flavour, distinguishes Almas Sturgeon Roe from all others in the caviar market.

Alma caviar roe

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